Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson, Sr. is an American author, politician, and retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon...Born: September 18, 1951 (age 64), Detroit, MI...Spouse: Candy Carson (m. 1975)...professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics...director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital...At 33, he became the youngest major division director in the hospital's history...Carson is a member of the American Academy of Achievement, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans...has been awarded 38 honorary doctorate degrees and dozens of national merit citations

                    WASHINGTON STATE

Welcome to Washington State’s The 2016 Committee,

Thank you very much for volunteering to educate the public about Dr. Ben Carson and helping him secure the nomination of the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States. It is very important to get involved in the local electoral process and educate the public about Dr. Carson.

Volunteer Basics

Some of you have expressed concerns that you do not have any political experience. You are not alone; most of us are in the same boat. We will be working together as a team to develop this state into a successful Dr. Ben Carson Super PAC.

Our goals is to educate the public about Dr. Ben Carson and help him garner the GOP nomination. The State of Washington, I thought, could be split up by county and recruit County Leaders. I believe you know your community best and how to get the best results. Another suggestion may be to organize your county by zip codes. You will have the responsibility of passing on the information to your county volunteers.

Navigating the Website is our national website where everything is posted. If you go to the home page, you will find a variety of options. Right now, I would like to focus on the volunteer section. If you click over the word "Volunteer", it will open to a variety of volunteer position opportunities. This will be a great place to send future volunteers in your county that might not fit what you are trying to accomplish but able to help out as part of a national effort.

Ordering Supplies: Click here - to go to the Volunteer Resources page. This is where you can order all the supplies needed to promote Dr. Ben Carson.  You also get more Ben Carson 2016 items at the Campaign Store.

Another option is to send me your list of items via email. I will send in the list to either Eddie Facey, Regional Direction for The 2016 Committee or Brittney Mann, our resource contact. If you would like T-shirts, please specify how many and what size. If I do not have your address please include it in the email.

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